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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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they say there are credible allegations of deaths in custody of missing detainees of torture and what's described as egregious detention related violations which cannot be justified under any circumstances other rights groups have made similar allegations and all of the warring sides are accused of human rights abuses. saudi arabia has just announced royal pardons for troops disciplined for their conduct in yemen saudi state media didn't specify their crimes amnesty is calling for suspected criminals to be put on trial and for the united states to suspend cooperation with the u.a.e. including ending weapons sales and marriage choudhry out to syria now this is a scene in brussels this is what we're waiting for we're waiting for president trump to come out and make his remarks about what has been a very fractious nato summit where he has gone about with his normal direct and rather robust way offending many of his nato allies particularly germany so
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we're waiting for this event to happen and soon as president travels on to that stage we'll take you right back there watching what is diplomatic editor james ways and we'll get him in as well to get his analysis of as i say what has been perhaps the most fractious nato summit in memory but in the meantime we'll look at what's going on with iran because some of its biggest oil customers now appear to be succumbing to u.s. pressure to curb iranian imports after withdrawing from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal donald trump has been urging iran's oil importers to find alternative suppliers now iran says it won't bow to u.s. pressure and is threatening to stop tankers leaving the gulf mariana honda reports . iran exported little more than a million barrels of oil a day before the nuclear deal and its top four customers were in asia nucleus
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sanctions were lifted iranian exports have now more than doubled but these four asian nations still consume a big share that goes some way to explaining the significance of reports that india japan and even south korea are hating the u.s. demand to stop importing iranian oil and why iran is now threatening to block the strait of hormuz the vital seaway for the world's number one or oil exporter saudi arabia as well as around other oil producing rivals in the gulf. donald trump with the truth from the iran nuclear deal two months ago we will not allow our regime the chance death to america to gain access to the most deadly weapons on earth he warned countries to halt iranian oil imports by november when new sanctions start and threatened u.s. financial restrictions that could make accessing crude oil even more difficult u.s.
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allies in asia and heaven to consider their close ties with the u.s. against the need for a reliable flow of oil financial experts reuters and bloomberg was civis is quote shipping and industry sources who say asian countries are being swayed by trump's thrifts the sources report india's oil imports from iran slowed by almost sixteen percent in june some oil refineries in india and in japan have began scouting alternative supply is and september oil cargos from iran to japan could be the last . south korea has already made cuts of thirty percent but iran's a number one customer china is locked in in trade with the u.s. china sea is it won't comply with u.s. sanctions on iran but others will be looking for a new supply is an opiate resolution last month championed by u.s.
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allies saudi arabia allows oil producing nations to boost production ensuring countries in the middle east at least a ready to make up the iranian oil shortfall which brings us back to iran and its threats to block the strait of hormuz it could account for an apparent softening of the u.s. stance on iran this week speaking from the united arab emirates secretary of state mike pompei or signaled the possibility of sanctions exemptions saying the u.s. is open to requests for the tough u.s. midges due to start in november to be waived going back to an earlier story that of the in the sea international report which is accusing the united arab emirates of committing what it calls war crimes against many people that it is illegally detaining in secret prisons in yemen we can now speak to under a screen because assistant professor of the defense studies department of king's
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college london thanks for talking to us this is a verifiable list all ver transgressions of violations against human rights carried out allegedly by the united arab emirates that's been documented by amnesty international is a very serious allegations indeed. exactly very serious allegation is not the first time we have now a very long string of different reports from international independent watchdog. and different n.g.o.s who basically document how the u.a.e. and saudi arabia have conducted their military operations in the countries that we have a long list of different war crimes that were committed but apart from the war crimes that happened in operation we have these allegations which i think are very very plausible and are very credible about how they use a network of dark black sites that are actually extrajudicial prison sides where people are being detained tortured and apparently even killed this is not something
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completely new i mean the u.a.e. run similar within their own country so we've seen since two thousand and eleven there has been a purge of opposition and political people who are close to political islam people who've also been subjected to torture detention without any rule of law and disappearances so this is not something entirely new and these these allegations are very credible what years of what you're suggesting then is that there that the u.s. involvement in yemen is far deeper than just being a coalition partner to saudi arabia and supporting the internationally recognized government in yemen against the his the rebels and other fighting groups for that matter it extends beyond that. absolutely i mean the u.a.e. they have been sucked into the yemen war at the invitation of saudi arabia but there has been an array and an agreement with saudi arabia that if the u.a.e.
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got involved in yemen they do so to advance their own national interests which are not necessarily the same as the saudi interest because yemen never really posed a direct threat to the united arab emirates neither did the who these so for the for the m. or arties yemen is an exercise point to the indian ocean it is an access point to the horn of africa and if you see the different string is there's a string of pearls emerging and yemen is in many ways the crown jewel in the string of pearls of of pearls that the u.a.e. have lined up across the horn of africa so they have bases and somalia in eritrea and in yemen so it's really about consolidating control over this strait of the bubble amanda so are you suggesting that the presence in yemen is there to stay. absolutely i mean they have dug in deeply they have infiltrated local tribal coalitions they have built sustainable relations with local storage and many of these targets on valving these detention camps they have undermined what is
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supposedly from the saudi point of view at least a legitimate government the how the government the u.a.e. have worked against the how the government in the south of yemen in aden in particular to consolidate their influence by this side as well i have to jump in that terribly sorry to interrupt you we have to get live now to brussels and president trump of this progress has been made everyone's agreed to substantially up their commitment they're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before prior to last year where they attended my first meeting it was going to stand up their commitment they're going to up it at levels that they've never thought of before prior to last year where you attended my first meeting it was going down the amount of money being spent by countries was going down and down very substantially and now it's going up very substantially and commitments were made only five of twenty nine countries were making their commitment and that's now
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changed the commitment was a two percent ultimately that will be going up quite a bit higher than that so we are we made a tremendous amount of progress today it's been about at a minimum they estimate and they're going to be giving exact numbers but since last year they raised an additional thirty three billion dollars. that's been put up by the various countries not including the united states and the united states. commitment to nato is very strong remains very strong but primarily because everyone the spirit they have the amount of money they're willing to spend and the additional money that they will be putting up has. been really really amazing to see it to see the level of spirit in that room is incredible and i hope that we're going to be able to get along with russia i think that we probably will
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be able to the people in the room think so but they nevertheless they really stepped up their commitment and stepped it up like they never had before so we picked look at a dish and all thirty three that the number could actually be higher than forty when they give you the final number the secretary general solberg will be giving those numbers sometime today probably had his concluding press statement but we are we are doing numbers like they've never done before or ever seen before and you'll be seeing that and i guess you'll be hearing that a little bit later ok we have our secretary of state as you know and we have john is here so if you have any questions for the three of us. mike pompei oh i just got back from my third trip as you know to north korea has become a true expert on the trips to north korea the best way to get there the best way to get out and he gets along very well he's doing
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a great job over there yes ma'am yes. i told people that are be very unhappy if they didn't up their commitments very substantially because the united states has been paying a tremendous amount probably ninety percent of the cost of nato and now people are going to start and countries are going to start up being there could happen so i let them know yesterday actually i was surprised they didn't pick it up it took till today but yesterday i let them know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially up their commitment and now we're very happy and have a very very powerful very very strong nato much stronger than it was two days ago yes ma'am. yes hi howie i know you're very famous on television.
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very. well they were probably worried because the united states was not being treated fairly but now we are because the commitment has been up so much so now they are and i was very firm yesterday you have to understand i know a lot of the people in the room i was here last year i let them know last year in a less firm manner but pretty firm and they raised an additional thirty three billion dollars i think going to forty billion but it's thirty three billion dollars as of today. and then today and yesterday i was probably a little bit more firm but i believe in nato i think that was a very important probably the greatest ever done but the united states was paying for anywhere from seventy to ninety percent of it depending on the way you
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calculate that's not fair to the united states in addition to that as you know we're in negotiations with the e.u. and we're going to be meeting with them next week we've been treated very unfairly on trade our farmers have been shut out of the european union now you could say they're different but basically to a large extent they're the same countries so i think we're going to be ultimately treated fairly on trade we'll see what happens but i can tell you that nato now is really a fine tuned machine people are paying money that they never paid before they're happy to do it and the united states is being treated much more fairly yes or. our did you win any concessions in your meeting and discussions with the german chancellor when it comes to german defense spending and also this issue of purchasing energy from russia and secondly what would you say to your critics that say by creating this scene here at nato you're only enabling president putin in russia to further disturb things in ukraine in georgia and well if you consider
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putting up tremendously you know the additional funds at a level that nobody's ever seen before i don't think that's helping russia i think that nato is much stronger now than it was two days ago i think that nato was not doing what they were supposed to be doing a lot of the countries and we were doing much more than we should have been doing frankly we were carrying too much of a burden that's what we call it burden sharing i was using that term a lot today burden sharing we had a fantastic meeting at the end twenty nine countries and they are putting up a lot germany is increased very substantially their time period and germany is coming along and we still have to figure out what's going on with the pipeline because the pipeline is coming in from russia so we're going to have to figure that out i brought it up nobody brought it up but me and we all are talking about it now and actually i think the world is talking about it now maybe
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more than anything else but we're going to figure that out but and frankly maybe everybody's going to have a good relationship with russia so they'll be a lot less problem with the pipeline but to me that was a very major point of contention we discussed at length today germany has agreed to do a lot better than they were doing and why very happy with that we had a very good relationship with america yes. i thank you margaret. after all these years i know moniker thank you. maybe i'm being dense here but could you just clarify on. are you still threatening to potentially pull the united states out of nato for any reason and do you believe you can do that without congress's explicit support an approval i think i probably can but that's unnecessary and the people have stepped up today like they've never stepped up before and remember there were thirty three billion dollars more they're paying.
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and you'll hear that from the secretary general in a little while he thanked me actually he said he actually thanked me and everybody in the room thanked me there's a great collegial spirit in that room that i don't think they've had in many years they're very strong so very very unified very strong no problem. no no no problem. was depressed. at a presser you've said previously you wanted the country to step up there setting a two percent yesterday the suggestion might be four percent or perhaps two percent at a much quicker timetable can you clarify what did they commit to doing that satisfactory to you know what they're doing is spending at a much faster clip they're going up to the two percent level now you have to understand some of the parliaments they have their own congresses they have a lot of things have to go to so you know they're here as a prime minister as a president and they can't necessarily go in and say this is what we're going to do
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but they're going back for approvals some are at two percent others have agreed definitely to go to two percent and some are going back to get the approval and which they will get to go to two percent afterward two percent will start talking about going higher but i said ultimately we should be in years in advance we should be at four percent i think four percent it's the right number now the united states depending on the way you calculate it was at four point two percent and i said that's unfair and we have the largest g.d.p. by far especially since we've increased it by so much since a thing called the election our g.d.p. has gone way up and so the fact that our g.d.p. one way up that means we're paying for even more which is very unfair so i explain that. we we will go to much higher than two percent into the future but right now we're getting people up to two percent and that will take place over a fairly short period of time a short number of years ok yeah go ahead. look at us and
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it's from croatia and their newspaper we understand your message graduations by the thank you thank you we understand your message but some people ask themselves where you'll be tweeting differently once you board air force one think no that's other people that do that i don't i'm very consistent i'm a very stable genius. you go ahead. thank you sir jeremy diamond with c.n.n. how are you. a quick question with regards to germany and the comments that you made yesterday do you feel like given the threats that you made about potentially leaving nato about insulting germany's sovereignty it appears by suggesting they are totally controlled by russia do you feel like that's an effective way to conduct diplomacy and secondly would you be able to be a little bit more specific about the commitments that you secured today with regards to increasing fans commitment is there an updated timeline or are there specific countries you could cite because a majority of them already planning to meet that two percent threshold by twenty
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twenty four no many of them fact germany was going to be in the year two thousand and twenty eight or thirty yeah i think it's a very effective way to to deal but i didn't deal exactly the way you said i have great respect for germany my father's from germany. both of my parents are from the e.u. despite the fact they don't treat us well on trade but i think that will change also and i think we'll see that because on the twenty fifth of july they're coming in to start negotiations with me will say that if they don't negotiate in good faith we'll do something having to do with all of the millions of cars that are coming into our country and being taxed at a virtually zero level at a very low level but jeremy i think it's been a very effective way of negotiating but i'm not negotiating i just want fairness for the united states we're paying for far too much of nato nato is very important but nato is helping europe more than it's helping us at the same time it's very
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good for us so we have now got it to a point where people are paying a lot more money and that's starting really last year it really had you were there last year and last year we had a big impact again we took in thirty three billion dollars more and of us secretary general stoltenberg he gives us total credit meaning me i guess in this case total . it because i said it was unfair now what has happened is presidents over many years from ronald reagan to barack obama they came and they said ok gay do the best you can and they left nobody did anything about it and it got to a point where the united states was paying for ninety percent of nato and that's not fair so it's changed we had a really good meeting today we had a great meeting in terms of. in terms of getting along i know most of the people in the room because of last year because of a year and a half that we've been in office year and a half plus but we have
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a great relationship everybody in that room by the time we left got along and they agreed to pay more and they agreed to pay it more quickly yeah go ahead full. and mr president philip record from the washington post i did you you tweeted yesterday what good is nato and you've talked about nato as an alliance that benefits europe that defends and protects europe do you see any value of nato to the united states needs if you russia does it help protect the united states from russia in your view i think it's another very strong ally as together it's much stronger than obviously individual countries i think it's the way we have it now i think it's a much i think dado got you know what was happening with spending prior to my getting into office the numbers were going down now the numbers have gone up like a rocket ship the numbers have gone up a lot and they've gone up rapidly and they're now going up further so i think nato is going to be very very effective i'm very impressed with and really knowing he's a friend of mine but secretary general stoltenberg has done
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a fantastic and putting it all together and we were the ones that really we gave him an extension of his contract as you know i think he's done a really good job i think that when i was saying that i am very concerned with the pipeline i don't like the pipeline and when i talk about nato i say how do you have nato and then you have somebody paying the people that you're protecting against but maybe we'll get along with the group that we're protecting against i think that's a real possibility as you know i'm meeting with president putin on monday and i think we go into that meeting not looking for so much we want to find out about syria we will of course ask you your favorite question about meddling i will be asking that question again but we'll also be talking about other things we'll be talking about ukraine ukraine was here today by the way and you know it's very interesting to hear what they had to say so excuse me. well you may i mean look you
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may know what i'm going to do or if he may deny it i believe it's one of those things that i can do is say did you and don't do it again but he may deny me well you'll be the first to know. yes president robert wall with the wall street journal yes if i were germans and the canadians and others don't come up to two percent what is your fallback position how will you up the pressure to make them actually well they will they will have no doubt about it they all make commitments and they will be up to two percent it will be over a period of relatively short period of years ok. thank you so much. georgian t.v. . mr president what do you think needs these are not georgia most support from nato and i want to ask about georgia they were here today representing us and we were talking about georgia in a meeting with. the president put. well there were here they made
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a very favorable impression and we listened to their plight it's a tough situation with your job but they made a very favorable impression in the room ok. go ahead. mort what part i had. yeah you really did come on go ahead i had a question as well but nonetheless. will you will you recognize go ahead will you recognize russia's annex will you recognize crimea as part of russia when you know has an interesting question because you know long before i got here president obama allowed that to happen that was on his watch not on my watch you know people like to say oh crimea but the fact is they build bridges to crimea they just opened a big bridge that was started years ago they built i think a submarine port substantially added billions of dollars so that was on barack obama's watch that was not on trump's watch what i have allowed to happen no i would not have allowed it to happen but he did allow it to happen so that was his
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determination what will happen with crimea from this point on that i can't tell you but i'm not happy about crimea but again that was barack obama's watch not trump's watch yeah go ahead sure. jeff mason from reuters mr president regarding your summit with president putin will you be raising arms control issues which you like which you like to extend new starts and when you raise concerns about violations of the i.n.f. treaty yes and as a spa go up to the nato meeting today were you suggest to him or would you consider stopping military exercises in the baltic states if that's something that he requests slow perhaps we'll talk about that but i will say that we are going to be talking about those three are issues and many more will be talking about it jeff. evil katie cordy hated us and we are in the quarter of the cross that i'll boss the
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double us plane and before i knew i had to know if you are planning to guarantee the taxpayer death or the new money that is flowing into now thought will be spent in the best possible way especially the money coming from country that have a seven hour. public finances where the money will be spent properly and one of the things that we have we have many wealthy countries with us today but we have some that aren't so wealthy and they did ask we have they could buy the military equipment and could i help them out and we will help them out a little bit we're not going to finance it for him but we'll make sure that they're able to get payments and various other things so they can buy because the united states makes by far the best military equipment in the world the best jets the best missiles the best guns the best everything we make by far that's one thing i guess i assumed that prior to taking office but i really learned since being president our equipment is so much better than anybody else's equipment when you look at our
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company's lucky and boeing and grumman what the material the the equipment that we make is so far superior everybody wants to buy our equipment affects the question can they make it because they are doing very well can they make it for so many people so we are helping some of those countries get on line and buy the best equipment yeah go ahead. kristen brown with fox news on your upcoming summit with president putin did any of your allies here express any specific concerns or talk to you about any of us it is that they like you to take with you when you've got just the opposite of concern they actually and they'll probably come out with a little bit of an edict but they're actually thank me for meeting with president putin i look forward to the meeting they thanked me they thought it was a great thing that i was doing it and they gave us our best wishes or their best wishes now with that being said we'll see what happens just
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a loose meeting it's not going to be big schedule i don't think it should take a very long period of time and we'll see where it leads but it could lead to productive something very productive and maybe it's not but i i think meeting with people is great we had a great meeting with chairman kim and i'll tell you mike pompei i did a fantastic job i made ask you to say a few words mike while you're here just one second. thank you mr president. so i did i returned actually came straight from north korea with a couple of stops here to brussels we had a productive conversation there remains a great deal of work to do but i think most importantly my counterpart kenyan troll made a commitment consistent with what president trump was able to achieve with chairman kim which was they intend to denuclearize they're going to accomplish it and now the task is to get it implemented. i think it's just to finish on that you know it's so important that was an amazing and really an amazing
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meeting i thought and i really think that we establish very good relationships will see where it all ends but there have been no missile tests there have been no research with has been they have blown up a side i hear they're blowing up another site missile site they've taken down all of the propaganda in fact somebody said there's no more music playing at the border line you know the music was going on for many years they said recently that while there's no more of the heavy music and the propaganda they've they've done a lot of things and we got back our three hostages so it's a good it's a good process but the main thing is that have been no rocket launches they have been no missile tests there's been no nuclear tests no explosions no nothing for almost nine months ok. place. macaskill from the guardian and your trip to the u.k. there are lots of protests planned in london and elsewhere how do you feel to i
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think it's fine i mean i think they like me a lot in the u.k. i think they agree with me on immigration i'm very strong on immigration i made a point today i said you've got to stop you're ruining year you're going to have a lot of problems you see what's going on throughout the world with immigration i probably at least partially won an election because of immigration if you look at italy giuseppe who i got to know quite well over the last month and a half he won his election because of strong immigration policies on italy i think that. a lot of the people in the u.k. i think that's why bracks it happened now i don't know what's going on with the negotiation who knows but and i guess that's become a very interesting point of contention i said i'm going to a few hot spots we have nato that we have the u.k. and then we have putin. and i said putin may be the easiest of the mall you never know but i'm going to a pretty hot spot right now right with the lot of reza lot of resignations but i
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will say that immigrations a very important thing and. i told them today the e.u. the european union better be very careful because immigration is taking over europe and they better be very very careful and i said that loud and clear yes. president from cradle to door until now three remaining what will you tell president putin about this summit and about me to know what i think he's going to see about this but this is turn out to be a very successful summit this is i think i think really that nato is more put together right now is more coordinated and i think there's a better spirit for nato right now that perhaps they've ever had. it's richer than it ever was the commitments are made at a higher level than they've ever been made and the money to be paid out faster far faster you know the two percent was a ranger goal it wasn't something that they were committed to now it's
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a commitment there's a big difference the two percent number and that's why so many people weren't reaching it or hitting it it was just sort of like this or more fist number out there now it's a commitment a real commitment i think he's going to see that there's great unity great spirit great speed a core and i think we're going to have a good meeting regardless of that i think we're going to have a good meeting but this was a fantastic two days this was a really fantastic it all came together at the end and yes it was a little tough for a little while but ultimately you could ask anybody at that meeting to really liking what happened over the last two days there's a great great spirit leaving that room yes sir go ahead place. from b.b.c. i just just want to you think you're going to get along with president bush you can just tell us why do you think that is that something you admire about him and the second question could you just about gives the boys
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a competitor he's been very nice to be the times i've met him i've been nice to him he's a competitor you know somebody was saying is you an enemy now is that my enemy is he a friend no i don't know him well enough but the couple of times that i've gotten to made him we got along very well you saw that. i hope we get along well i think we get along well but ultimately he's a competitor he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense we're competitors not a question of friends or enemies not my enemy. and hopefully some day maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i don't i just don't know him very well i've been a couple of times and when i did meet him oh so you people were there yes. because you are going to the u.k. what will be your message on break that well bracks it is you know i've been reading a lot about it over the last couple of days and it seems to be turning a little bit differently where they're getting at least partially involved back with the.


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